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Extend The Ward

Extend The Ward

Rapidly expandable Healthcare infrastructure to provide medical services at the doorstep


Our technology driven Mobile Clinic provide OPD medical service, spot testing, and diagnostics with assisted Telemedicine


Eye care checkups, awareness workshops on hygiene, undernutrition prevention and communicable diseases.

While healthcare is the right of every individual, the lack of quality base, shortage of qualified medical functionaries, and non- access to basic medicines and medical facilities thwarts its reach to 60% of the population in India.

Healthcare in rural areas is one of the biggest challenges facing India today. With more than 700 million people living in rural areas, at the bottom of the healthcare pyramid, they face high mortality rates due to non-availability of timely medical intervention.

Comprehensive Approach For Rural Relief

OPD with Virtual Dr Consultation

Health Awareness, Hygiene & Nutrition

Spot testing, ECG, BP, Sugar

Optician & Eyecare

Pharmacy, Non injectables

Patient Record Maintenance

About ServeVahan

Servevahan is a Project by Serve Samman, an ISO certified non-profit NGO, registered with Govt Of India. Established in the year 2012 and registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882.

Beneficiaries of the Program

Number of Patients Screened
Free Medications & Spectacles Issued
Cataract Surgeries Completed
Number of Health Camps
Number of Villages Served

As of 30-09-2021

You can help with your contributions to support our mission to bring relief with Servevahan, our mobile clinic, which aims to provide Healthcare at doorsteps. When you make a donation, you give us the strength to continue our work and reach out to many more humans in need.

We are registered with MCA CSR 1 under Section # 135 (1) of Companies Act 2013 and Rule # 1, 3 & 5 of CSR Rules 2014 and undertake Corporate Social Responsibility projects, based on your specific area needs. We work closely with your company framework to help you comply, supported by SOP’s , Programs & Strategies for effective implementation and monitoring.

All donations are exempt from tax under the section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Fleet Management & Tracking Partner

Affiliate – Dharamshilla Cancer & Research Foundation


Affiliate ICare Eye Hospital & PostGraduate Institute


Affiliate – The Mind & Wellness Clinic